Graze Boards

Cheese, Meat, Vegan or Mixed

£8 per person - Minimum 2 persons

Cheeses, Meats, or Mixed  +  Crackers, Vegetable Sticks, Grapes, Mixed Olives, Crisps, Nuts Choice of 2 either Chutney, Houmous or Sweet Chilli Jam

Large Cream Tea Box

£12 per person

Sandwich, Sausage roll, Mini Sausages, Crisps, Vegtable sticks, Cupcake,

Scone, Jam & Cream






Small Cream Tea

£8 per person

Sandwich, Cupcake, Scone, Jam & Cream

High Tea

£9 per person

Salad box, Sandwich, Scone, Jam

& Cream

Sandwich Options 


Chorizo, Rocket, Tomato, & Cream Cheese.

Ham Mustard & Tomato.

Cream Cheese and Cucumber (V)

Ham, Mayo & Spinach

Chicken Mayo and Lettuce

Falafel, Sweet Chilli Jam,Carrot, Houmous & Rocket (VG)

Vegan Cream Cheese, Sweet chilli Jam & Rocket (VG)

Mozzerrella, Tomato & Pesto (V)

Brie Cranberry & Spinach (V)


Salad Options


Mixed Leaf, Tomatoes,Cucumber, Peppers, Grated Carrot, Sweetcorn, & Coleslaw.


Choose from 1 of the following…





Vegan & Gluten Free

Options Available